Relate; News, Stories and Prayer fuel for the WEC world.

We all love to hear stories of what God is doing around the world!

In WEC we also love to tell people what God is doing, both the big things from around the world, and the little things from our everyday lives, and we want you, our friends and family, to hear them too.

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2020 saw a bit of a shift in how we all work, and also, in how we, as WEC Australia, communicate with our WEC family and with supporters. This shift has included the speeding up of Imagine, our print magazine's, transition to a digital, web and mobile platform, as well as bringing forward a revamp of how we promote WEC's daily prayer guide - also from September 2020 on to be a digital only product.

Also, there are many other things we, as WEC Australia, want to be able to communicate with our community. This has created the need for a regular means of direct communication with our supporters, and thus, Relate has been created.

Relate is a mix of news, updates, stories and communications to help people feel in the loop with what God is doing in and through WEC and also to deepen our connections as well as containing our regular prayer diary.

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As Relate is email based, we need people to subscribe to receive it. Those who are already receiving the Prayer Guide via email have been added to the mailing list automatically - though the option to unsubscribe will always be there.

For the rest, our friends and supporters, or for those who have changed emails, or have recently connected with WEC, we ask that you would subscribe below.

While we recognise that many of those who currently receive the WEC Australia Prayer Guide are used to a paper copy, we will endeavour to make this new version as easy to print as possible on your home printer, or even easier to read on screen.

We are excited at the opportunities this brings, and trust that you will be too. May the Lord be glorified in all that we do.


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