Secondary Teachers - South Korea

Teachers in English, Science, Mathematics, Information Computer Technology, History, Geography, Bible, and Physical Education teachers are needed at Sejong Global School (SGS) in Cheonan, South Korea. Sejong Global School is an international secondary school founded by WEC International in 2011 to cater for Korean missionary children who require a secondary education in English and Korean, while their parents are on home assignment or because their parents live overseas far from a suitable Korean-speaking school.

This could be for you; age is irrelevant, you cannot be too young or too old (18+). We prefer that you commit for at least one semester to give continuity to the teaching programme. The school year runs from August to December and January to May. Education is more than just academic learning; you can help to be part of the students’ social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic growth and maturity. You need to be flexible, adaptable and teachable, as there will be many challenges living and teaching students with various backgrounds and at various different levels.

Ref: 8764