MK Hostel Assistants - Thailand

The role of the Hostel Assistant is to help with the running the WEC hostel in Chiang Mai. The hostel was established to provide a Christian home for primarily WEC Missionary Kids aged 12-18, so they can attend Grace International School in Chiang Mai. The parents of the students in the hostel live and work in other parts of Thailand or other regional Asian countries where appropriate standards of education may be unavailable. The hostel is an international hostel, therefore is cross cultural in focus. As such, the hostel and its staff aim to be sensitive to all cultures and seek to treat all nationalities equally. The hostel is run by WEC appointed Hostel Parents (HPs). The HPs are assisted by Hostel Assistant(s) (HAs). The HA lives within the hostel and is an essential part of the team. The HA should consider this to be a year of investing time, energy and skills helping care for the Students spiritual, emotional, educational and physical needs.

Job Description: The HA position requires a commitment for the duration of the school year (August to June). The role is suitable for a Christian single individual, aged 22-30, who has experience and is confident with youth, is comfortable working in a team and is able to live in a shared cross cultural environment. (Ideally, the HA should have completed some level of tertiary/university study as this experience is really helpful to share with the students as they prepare for the future). The role of the HA primarily involves assisting the HPs in the specific care, supervision and security of all the students living within the Hostel. This includes sharing responsibility for the day to day general running of the hostel and the welfare of everyone in it. The daily responsibilities and routine in the home are to be worked out between the HPs and the HA, but will vary depending on the HA's skills and abilities. In order to carry out and perform the required tasks within the hostel, the HA needs to be emotionally as well as spiritually stable and should conduct themselves in a mature manner as a role model to the students. The HA should be able to show initiative, be self-managing, adaptable and flexible when necessary, as well as be respectful, reliable and relate-able to a wide range of people with different cultures, ages and personalities.

Qualifications: Experience of working with teenagers would be valuable. All potential (HA) are required to provide a police background check/disclosure check and provide written references from past/current employers and/or church leaders. WEC also requires all hostel staff to complete a WEC training programme or approved alternative equivalent training course before arrival in Thailand.

Ref: 2742