Disbled man in market

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Ministries Among the Disabled - Cambodia

Despite a significantly high proportion of Cambodians suffering from moderate to severe disabilities, very little being done to ease their suffering or provide appropriate education for them, and even less to introduce these people to Christ. So they remain outside of the churches.

Come to Siem Reap, Takéo, or Phnom Penh and seek to accurately assess the felt needs of those you wish to serve, while sharing the gospel with them.

Our goal is to see a new kind of Cambodian church emerge which welcomes and caters for them.


You may be a physiotherapist, or occupational therapist, or a special needs educator with experience ministering to people with all kinds of physical or intellectual disabilities. You have a pioneering spirit.

You are willing to study the Khmer language well, and eager to find ways to share Jesus's love for those who have been forgotten in culturally appropriate ways.