Maintenance Manager - Tasmania

Worldview is seeking a full time maintenance manager to serve at the Worldview Training Centre located in Launceston Tasmania. Responsibilities include maintenance of buildings, facilities and garden/landscaping equipment, liaising with external contractors, supervising students and volunteers during timetabled practicums.

The maintenance manager forms part of our Staff Team, and as such, also shares the responsibilities of the other staff at Worldview.

These include:

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, prayer times and joint Worldview fellowship times
  • Encourage a missionary vision within Worldview
  • Be familiar with Staff and Student handbooks
  • Understand the financial responsibilities as a member of Worldview
  • Be active in evangelism, discipling and church life at some meaningful level
  • Promote missionary vision outside the Centre
  • Be available for duty responsibilities as a member of the Worldview community
  • Be familiar with all Worldview policy documents