MK Hostel Parents - Thailand

You would be leaders of the Hostel Ministry Team (HMT) which consists of Hostel Parents and Hostel Assistants in the WEC Hostel for high school aged missionary children in Thailand. The HMT will be responsible to care for each of the children in the hostel, with the aim to see each one developing academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. The team is being established to care for the children and for each other. The ministry can be intense and regular encouragement and support from teammates will be invaluable. The following responsibilities will need to be shared by the team: team leading, caring and mentoring (for both boys and girls), hostel administration (health and vaccinations administration, immigration, passports and travel administration), supplies management (includes purchasing food and goods), hostel bookkeeping, hostel correspondence (primarily with parents and the schools), spiritual development, social and activities coordinating, catering and meals, house girl supervising, and hostel maintenance (including hostel car).

Qualifications: Specific training related to child protection is required. Police checks will also be necessary as part of the application process.For visa purposes, accredited Bible training would be helpful. Previous experience with teenagers is also valuable.

Ref: 2735