Sibanor ward

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Head of Nursing School - The Gambia

Sibanor Clinic in rural Gambia was founded by WEC missionaries just over 50 years ago and is now run by the local church (Evangelical Church of the Gambia). The new Gambian team has a vision to establish a nursing school to train community Nurses for the Gambia. The curriculum will follow the Gambian Government recommendations and values of Whole Person Medicine and compassion will be taught. Additionally, it is planned to hold regular optional seminars about the Christian faith and values.

Therefore, we have an exciting opportunity for someone with nurse teaching experience to take a leading role in a team which will include people with administrative, teaching and pastoral skills. Realistically an initial two year commitment is needed. The first few months will be spent on helping the team set up systems and finalise the curriculum, before the intake of students and expected opening of the school in early 2022. This post will start as soon as possible.

Essential qualities

  • A strong Christian faith
  • Nurse teaching experience
  • Ability to work in a multicultural team
  • Ability to oversee the curriculum and maintain standards

For more information, contact the CEO, Dr Mariatou Jallow via

Country: Africa


Duration: 1-2 Years