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Evangelist amongst Jews - France

Marseille is home to the 2nd largest Jewish population in France. Numbering 80,000, Jews comprise more than 9% of the population of France. In addition, Marseille represents the third largest Jewish community in Europe after those of Paris and London. All segments of the Jewish community are represented, from Orthodox to Liberal. Some are very religious, others practise only the main festivals, others are atheists, and still others say they are close to Buddhism or Taoism. Even among those who practice Judaism, many believe in reincarnation, and some would even say that they do not believe in God, but they practice the Jewish religion because they feel connected to a people and a history. Like Muslims, Jews do not necessarily feel comfortable in evangelical churches whose "language" they do not understand. Meetings in homes or in a neutral place can be more effective, at least at the beginning.

For this role you will:

  • Anticipate serving for 2 years or more.
  • speak French or learn to once in France. Some Jews speak good English.
  • have a calling to work with the Jews.
  • have a solid knowledge of the Old Testament, including the Jewish feasts, to know where to link to Jesus from the OT. A prior trip to Israel would be useful as would knowledge of Hebrew.
  • have sufficient financial and prayer support and access to a visa for France.
  • work in a team with both WEC and non WEC members, so will need to be open to learn from one another.

Country: Europe


Duration: 2+ Years