English for Missions - Brazil

If you are willing to use your holidays to bless young Brazilians to learn English, EFM is a great opportunity for you. You are going to have a cross-cultural experience in a Christian and fun environment.

Date: 13 – 27 July 2019
You will arrive one week before, and may stay a week after. Applicants are welcome to stay an extra week if they want to do some tourism in Brazil.

The EFM is an intensive English course focused on Christian vocabulary and missions.

Classes: There are 3 classes divided in basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Students: Brazilian church members, bible school students, missionaries and church leaders ( around 25-30 students total). Each class may hold 8-9 students from ages 18 years old and older.

Teaching qualifications: Although it’s very handy when the teacher has some ESL/EFL training, for the EFM there’s no need to be a trained teacher. Being a native speaker and a born-again Christian is more than enough to handle the classes.

Resources available: We have English bibles, teaching books for photocopy and some games. Feel free to bring any additional material, such as visual aids, games and any other resources.

See a YouTube video of the 2017 EFM