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Church Planter among Cham people - Cambodia

As a Muslim minority group in a Buddhist majority nation, few missionaries have come to engage with the Cham people group in the past. The Cham originate from the Chamba empire in Southern Vietnam around the 1400s.

The 252,000 Western Cham in Cambodia live mostly in the cities of Siem Reap, Takéo, and the capital Phnom Penh or along the River Mekong.

They have proved resistant to the Gospel over decades, and there are currently no known churches among them. The Cham New Testament will be completed soon, and available to use in ministry among them.


You already have cross-cultural evangelistic ministry experience and a knowledge of Islamic teaching, and ideally are an Arabic speaker.

You are eager to break hard spiritual ground with a love for Muslim people, have Bible college training, and are willing to give considerable time to learning the Cham language and culture.

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Country: Southeast Asia


Duration: 2+ Years