Children's Programme Team for Asian Conference

The bi-annual WEC Asia leaders' conference is being held in October of 2019, 2021 & 2023. There will be delegates at the conference who may bring their children with them. The children's program will enable both parents to participate fully and maximise the benefits from the conference. We need six people who can join us to run the children's program with a wide variety of activities. There will be a room available for the children and the venue usually has a swimming pool. We expect a possible 15 - 25 children in several age groups. The program will need to run for 8 full days from 8:30am to 12:00pm and then 2pm to 6pm.It will be necessary to have a good level of English, spoken and written. Also experience in working with children would be preferred.Team members will have opportunity to meet key WEC mission leaders from all over Asia and beyond. Chiang Mai is a key location for travel and there are many things to do before and after such a conference. It is also a 'missions hub' where many organisations are based and involved in many kinds of ministries in Thailand and the surrounding nations.