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Catering Assistant - Tasmania

Worldview is an educational facility in northern Tasmania, providing training for cross-cultural ministry. Alongside its academic program it runs an accredited residential program. The residential program includes the running of a communal dining room and commercial kitchen. Our kitchen is currently managed by our Catering Manager and serves from 60-90 people weekdays for morning tea, lunch and dinner. It utilises the produce from our on-site farm and seeks to offer a variety of cuisines.

The full-time role includes assisting the Catering Manager in the management and running of the kitchen and dining room as well as the preparation of meals throughout the week; assisting in catering for Worldview events; supervision and training of students and volunteers.

The position would be suitable for a single person, or family and could be short term (1-2 years) or long term (more than two years).

The Catering Assistant role includes the following:

  • Attending and participating in staff meetings, prayer times and joint Worldview fellowship times.
  • Encouraging a missionary vision within Worldview.
  • Being active in evangelism, discipling and church life at some meaningful level.
  • Promoting missionary vision outside the Centre.

Country: Oceania


Duration: 1-2 Years