If you are interested in being a long term missionary, you will start out by being in touch with a mobiliser. They are happy to meet with you and talk through where you are right now on your journey toward cross cultural mission. They can tell you about WEC, the short and long term options, the process for joining and how to prepare. They can also discuss with you specific opportunities for serving on WEC branches.

Once you feel that WEC is the mission you would like to join you can apply to be a candidate. To help ensure that everyone who joins WEC is a “good fit” we have drawn up some criteria you will need to meet in order to begin the candidate process:

  • You are interested in being involved in long-term (more than 18 months) cross-cultural church planting, even if planning to be in a support role
  • You have a definite leading to WEC International which is endorsed by your church
  • You and your church leadership accept WEC's objectives and statement of faith
  • Your church leadership would happily have you on their ministry team
  • You have read the whole Bible
  • You have a vital spiritual walk
  • You have evangelism and discipleship experience
  • You have demonstrated that you have a God-given ministry which will contribute to WEC International's objectives
  • If you have not completed a recognised course of Bible training, you will need to commit to completing this required training within five years of your arrival on the field
  • For non-native English speakers, a level of 5 IELTS (or equivalent) is required

The mobiliser will also meet with your church leadership, to help both you and your church understand what it would mean to be sent with WEC, what WEC believes and how we work - so that everyone's comfortable with it.

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