If you are interested in being a long term missionary, you will start out by being in touch with a mobiliser. Mobilisers are happy to meet with you and talk through where you are right now on your journey toward cross cultural mission. They can tell you about WEC, the options, the process for joining and how to prepare. They can also discuss with you specific opportunities for serving on WEC branches.

Once you feel that WEC is the mission you would like to join you can apply to be a candidate. To help ensure people are ready to apply, there are some criteria to meet and your mobiliser will explain these to you.

Candidate Orientation

Once accepted as a candidate you will participate in Candidate Orientation (CO) - minimum of 8 weeks. The primary functions of CO are orientation to WEC, its principles and ethos as well as mutual assessment of suitability by both WEC and the candidate. Candidates receive training in the scriptural principles and practical working of WEC as they take part in the life and work of WEC Australia.