An update from K and K.

In the article on Page 11 of Technology and Media in Mission K & K wrote about their hope that when they returned to Australia, they could find people who are willing to practise English with their students over the internet. Recently they sent an update:

Our final weeks with N did finish well. Having worked on the art of sermon writing, N presented a truly excellent sermon in English, excellent in terms of message, presentation and accuracy of English. In the remaining time she continued to work on improving her writing skills and this culminated in her composing the newsletter that advertised their church’s Christmas events and the English Language classes. We will continue to hone her writing skills via internet.

As hoped, the work we do is going beyond geographical borders and is involving others in Australia.

Jill, in Canberra, not only continues to speak each week with C, our former student, she is now trialing learning support via internet with the daughter of J, one of the pastors of a church in Asia.

I am calling my two students each week and have begun to teach A via the internet. A is an orphan from one of the two orphanage families that attend the church. She is a teenager who envisages needing English for the future when she will be seeking funds from overseas sponsors for the orphanage. When she is sufficiently proficient in English, I will ask a second friend to start calling her so that through conversation she can consolidate her learning.

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If anybody is interested in conversing with our students on a regular basis

please get in touch via The students work or are University or Highschool students. They arrive home after 5pm each evening so, with Australia being 3-4 hours ahead of Thailand (unless you live on the West coast of Australia) calls need to be made either on the weekend or latish on weeknights.