Technology and Media in Mission

Whether Stone Tablets, the writings of the prophets or the vopice of a donkey, God has never been silent in his dealings with humanity. When it comes to the good news there was no greater medium than that of his Son - God become flesh.

And in these days of the new covenant through Christ, he calls his Church to continue to share his Gospel with those who have never heard. Media and technology have always been and continue to be key vehicles to take this good news across the world.

Whether it is presenting the gospel through video, internet evangelism or online training, creating prayer and other resources or up-keeping websites or social media channels, or the unseen work at the back end of databases, email systems, international conference calls or general IT support, there are so many areas that tech and mission come together. And it is only going to increase.

The Holy Spirit, that creative spirit who imagined, who saw, planned and spoke all creation into being is able, willing and using tech and media for the sake of the unreached. He is calling his people to join with him in what he is doing; the redemption of his creation. Get involved today.

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