WEC has a number of ministries around the world that use the creative arts for missions

ARTS RELEASE is a collective of creative arts specialists who love Jesus and people of other cultures. Utilising a mix of Music and Worship, Drama, Performing Arts and Visual arts, they seek to communicate and contextualise the gospel for different cultures.

They say, "We enjoy expressing God's love through various art forms. Some of us have professional arts training and others have picked up skills on the way." Find out more about how you can be involved in ARTS RELEASE by talking to your nearest WEC Australia Mission Mentor today.

Free Download - "There's A Day"

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This song looks to the day when Jesus will return and believers from all nations will bring their adoration and devotion to him together in their own languages. Such a hope and love motivate the church in her mission to those people groups who have yet to hear of God's kingdom.

It was one of two songs composed for the WEC International leaders' conference in 2010, based on the conference theme: "Inspired and Compelled: Reaching – Planting – Mobilising Together".

While mainly a congregational song in English, it has something of a global feel, from the Asian introduction with African beats, to a section that declares "Jesus is Lord" in different languages. It was written so that congregations can replace these short phrases with languages known and used by those singing it.

Check out the Arts Release Resources for the Lyric Sheet, Chord Sheet, Music Sheet and more information about There's A Day and other songs like it. There are also videos, images, workshop info and more there.

Creative worship in different cultures

Have you ever wondered what it looks like for worship music to be truly contextualised? To take a step further than just translating the latest western worship song and to step into the dancing shoes of the locals - to create authentic, God honouring worship songs using the local language and their cultural instruments? This field of research, known as ethnomusicology is one that WEC International has been involved in for many years. Having written a number of songs and pieces of music in many languages.

And it doesn't stop there, entnomusicology is part of a wider field of research called ethnodoxology, which not only considers the music of a culture, but other forms of arts too. WEC International is also involved in helping cultures round the world to discover ways of using the arts to worship God in whatever form. We have both long and short term opportunities in this area.

Are you a musician or and artist who wants to use your talents for the nations?

We have a number of opportunities available right now, check out the links below:

Arts Team Leader - UK (long-term)
Church Planter - Ghana (long-term)
Ethnomusicologist - Frace (long-term)
Ethnodoxologist - South Asia (long-term)
Music Teacher - East Asia (long-term)
Piano Teacher - East Asia (short-term)

Interested in finding out more about Ethnodoxology?

Join an intensive 2 week course on Enthnodoxology at Worldview, our training college in Tassie, from 12-23 August 2019. During the course you will learn to understanding our own heart language and indigenous music styles and appreciating how the understanding and development of these in other cultures leads to deeper and richer worship.

Quotes from students participating in the course previously:

"It opened my mind to a new world of worship encompassing all the people of every nation"

"This was a totally new area for me, and totally eye opening!"

"This course helped me recognise the importance of native expression on worship and identifying my own personal bias"

"Students who are in training for cross-cultural ministry must test this subject!"

Find out more about this and other Worldview Short Courses