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We believe that quality training and preparation is essential to effectiveness and longevity in cross-cultural ministry.

WEC offers many ways of training: from formal Bible College study, Internships and Gap Year programs, as well as short courses, camps, mission weekends and training options for your Church, School or Youth Group.

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Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies

Residential Training College

Worldview is one of a number of WEC Bible Colleges around the world. For over six decades Worldview has been training cross-cultural workers to take the good news to the nations.

Today, Worldview partners with MST to provide a high standard of education while holding firmly to the why; to see the gospel taken to the nations.

Located on a picturesque farm in Launceston, Tasmania, Worldview provides a residential training like nowhere else.

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LEAP: Cross Cultural Internships

Are willing to invest into your future?

WEC's Leap program aims to walk alongside individuals over 21 who are interested in cross-cultural service. Leap can be a great way to discover more about what God is saying to you about his plans for your future.

WEC's 16 hour a week intern program, a part of the Stepping Into Mission initiative. Don't just hear about missions or read about it in a book, join the discipleship pathway and discover together, how you might fit.

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candidate orientation

For those seeking to go long-term

Candidate Orientation, or CO, for short, is the name of WEC's modular pre-field training system to induct new workers into WEC. This is a requirement for anyone seeking to join WEC International in a long term capacity.

WEC Australia's modular CO is designed around a modular system. We offer flexible starting dates for new applicants and run an 8 week modular program. This consists of four two-week modules to be done within a twelve-month time frame. These modules are tailored to fit your individual circumstances and future ministry.

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short courses

Short Courses and Occasional Training

Whilst full time study and internships may seem like a great thing, for some, there is often just not the time to go all out. For those who want something slightly smaller there are often a number of missions based short courses, practical workshops such as Missionary for a Weekend, or public lectures being run around the country.

If you want to know more, or find out what is on in your area, please get in touch with your nearest WEC centre or

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FOR churches

Equip your church, youth or small group

Whilst WEC sees great importance in training those who Go to the nations, it is also important to train those still at home. Missions is a task for the whole church, even those who never venture outside of their own Jerusalem.

WEC frequently offers training to churches and small groups, whether running occasional trainings or workshops, engaging with church small groups, kids churches and youth groups, Sunday services or even running church based missions weekends or church camps (with a mission flavour). We even facilitate the training and sending of short term mission teams. There are many ways that WEC can serve and equip you, the local church here in Australia.

Life-long Learning

For all our workers, at home and overseas, we see the ongoing training and development as important not only for effectiveness cross culturally, but as part of the well rounded development of our workers and WEC as a whole.

Lifelong learning and just-in-time-training are a key part in the life of any professional. In WEC we strive to encourage training for our workers in areas of relevance to their roles.