"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

Often we hear the first part of this verse. How often do we read the whole verse? Can we be still and know who God is and to realise God will be exalted in the nations? To know that he will be exalted on Earth as in Heaven.

God, in Psalm 46 is not asking a question, he is stating a fact. His exaltation is a coming fact. As we pray for the nations, we come before him praying "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." It is this coming fact that we pray for.

This Page on sacred spaces is the journey of some of our people seeking the space to be still before God.

One of our earlier installations, a simple
cross in the gardens.

Prayer and Art Rooms

A story from WEC in Sydney

Here at the WEC centre in Sydney we have recently spent time in the refurbishment and dedication of corporate spaces to be used for prayer. Visitors, over the last couple of years may already have noticed visual installations in the gardens to aid in prayer and reflection, but more recently we have taken the step of setting apart a couple of rooms to be used for spiritual significance.

The first is maybe a bit more traditional; A prayer room, the second, perhaps not so commonly found is an art space. That's right, a space where people can go and be artistic- be creative and use their creative talents to communicate with the living God. To paint, sculpt, draw or otherwise use the creativity God has placed in us (made in his image) to commune with Him. It is not a place about skill so much as about heart.

Because we truly see creative activity as a form of prayer, we have chosen to give it the space it deserves.And so in 2018 we spent time dedicating these two spaces as places of prayer and connection with the divine.

Here is the first of a few videos to speak to why we have these sacred spaces:

For us, having a prayer room was mostly about being intentional with prayer and with God. The creating of a sacred space - somewhere that has been set apart for prayer alone, in itself, was significant. It says prayer is importantenough to set aside a space simply to pray. It is also a reflection of WEC's value of the priority of prayer in all we do. Does it mean we don’t pray elsewhere? Of course not. Does it mean we are more spiritual if we pray in a prayer room or somewhere else? Again, no, its not a measure of one's spirituality. In many ways it’s simply a resource; a resource with a purpose. However, I do believe that prayer can change the atmosphere in a place- so over time these rooms have potential to become very special places.

A significant factor in having a prayer room is that it provides a corporate space for prayer; to be used by many.

For some individuals having somewhere like a prayer closet or a prayer chair is great. It’s a space that is set aside from life - to be with God. My prayer chair at home - it is not in a special place, its not even a special chair, but it is just that little bit further from all the distractions of life. It allows me to sit with God and be more focused on him, and on prayer.

A prayer room, in many ways is a similar thing. It’s a place that people go to, to pray. There is no other reason to go there. I'm not going to go to read a book or hang out with people. It’s a place of intention. Of focus on God.

But more than that, it’s a place where we can go together to pray. There is a limit to how many people can sit on my prayer chair. But the prayer room allows space for many more, and it also allows us to build on each other's prayer. It’s a place where prayer can be stimulated - for us we have a big world map, some notice boards and lots of resources.

In many ways having a prayer room is all about intent - and within that intent is a sense of dedication to God. The effort that is required to go to the prayer room is more than is required to go to my prayer chair even - there is a sacrifice inherent even in the going to this sacred space.

So what about the Art Room? It is all about creative opportunities to engage with the divine. In this next video, Lindsey explains what it means to her.

When we opened these rooms - the prayer room and the art room - we did it as a community. We took time as a community to offer these spaces to God. To dedicate the spaces and what happens in them to God's glory. So there was not just the physical setting up of a room, there was also a community wide recognition that that is what these spaces are for. They are set apart simply for communion with God.

The centre in Sydney is not the only place where you can find a WEC prayer room. Our base in Perth also opened a room recently, Worldview is also in the process of redeveloping their prayer room, and all around the WEC world there are places, and just as importantly, people to pray with.

If you want to be a part of praying together with WEC please get in touch with your closest WEC Centre or email info@wec.com.au.