national prayer gatherings

Our national Prayer Gatherings provide one way for like minded pray-ers around the country to join in informed and discerning prayer on behalf of the nations.

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As a mission we value the place of prayer in all we do and as significant in our ministry. To that extent seeing pray-ers grow and develop as well as being fed quality prayer-fuel on behalf of the nations is important. Prayer Gatherings are just one way that WEC seeks to do this.

March 2019 saw about 80 people join together at Advent Park, Perth, WA for our 5th annual Prayer Gathering. See below for details and reflections. Previous prayer gatherings have been held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. In 2020 about 100 people join on Zoom in September and the 2021 Prayer Gathering will also be on Zoom and in regional hubs various States on 22nd May. For more information on how you can be involved, write to us at

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Prayer Flavour

Each Prayer Gathering has it's own flavour and particular focus while also having a number of common elements across all.

Worship: There is always a strong worship component that extends beyond singing alone, and surrounds and fills all we do. By focusing on God first, we come into a deeper place of prayer and discernment, together and with him. And from that position before the throne of God seek to pray his prayers for the nations he loves.

Focus: Our gatherings aren't a free for all. They are a focused time, with a specific thrust on which to focus. Though we may pray in many ways, and about multiple things, there is always a focused thread that brings everything together.

Equipping: Our gatherings have an element of equipping about them. Whether teaching from the Word of God, learning about a specific people group, nation or context to pray into, or various ways to grow in prayer or as a disciple. We seek not only to pray but to grow in Christ and in effectiveness as prayers through these times.

Creativity: God is a creator and has made us as creative people in his image. (yes even those who think they aren't creative types). When we gather to pray we bring many gifts, many talents, skills and personalities with us and use them in the prayer space. This includes music, media, the fine and dramatic arts and even creation itself.

Community - Prayer gatherings are not just about people praying, its about people praying together, and praying in ways that see unity across the praying community. Building our gatherings around a weekend enables as many as possible to mix prayer and fellowship within a creative worshiping community.


reviews from previous Prayer Gatherings

We get that for those who haven't been before, it can be hard to grasp what goes on at a WEC Prayer Gathering.

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