Caring is a lifelong process whereby WEC and Sending churches partner together to provide effective care so that missionaries are healthy, resilient and effective in life and ministry.

This is achieved by caring for and encouraging our missionaries and equipping them in self and mutual care.

How do we care for missionaries

Missionary Care involves

  • Praying - Prayer is central to all aspects of care - so we participate in, encourage and facilitate prayer for all Australian WECers.
  • Developing Spiritual Resilience – WEC provides resources to encourage and equip missionaries to grow spiritually and be resilient, which may involve mentoring or coaching.
  • Caring – WEC ensures practical and emotional care and support for our workers and their families as needed, particularly during home leave and permanent return to home.

We also do this by developing a sense of belonging, bonding and trust with our Australian WECers, their families and their Sending Churches.

  • Partnering – WEC partners with the Sending churches, equipping and encouraging them in caring for their missionaries.
  • Resourcing – WEC maintains a database of information about developmental courses, specialist care, holiday places, helpful articles etc.
  • Networking - WEC networks with like-minded groups, agencies and people so we have access to the full range of services and resources available for appropriate Member Care.
  • Communication – WEC encourages all Sending churches to become involved in active conversations with missionaries. This can be easily achieved by digital methods such as Email, Skype, Web pages or Blogs, Twitter, Facetime, Zoom and Facebook.
  • Visits – A very powerful method of care and mutual appreciation is a visit to missionaries. WECers often visit our missionaries for encouragement and communication. In many cases WEC can easily organise a visit, remembering it is always best to check first, surprise visits are not helpful.
  • Finance – The Sending church and other individual supporters are the source of finances needed for a missionary and their family to live and work. Consider all the expenses you have and then include visas, set up costs in a new country, language learning, travel, remembering that every country will have different living costs. WEC can help with a list of these costs for countries we work in.It is vital to continually pray with and for your missionary that God would supply all of their needs and how much as a church or individual you can contribute to their support.
    Check with your missionary regularly to ask how they are going financially. Remember your missionaries when you take up special offerings or have a fundraiser to meet some of their specific needs.
    WEC can help the church to understand our financial policies and practices. Remember that all Mission agencies that you are partnering with will have differing policies and practices.