Happy New Year!

What feelings does this greeting evoke in you? Is a happy new year even possible, especially with the memory of 2020 still very fresh in our minds? 2020 was a year like none of us have ever experienced before, there were many challenges, losses, griefs and changes of plans. It was a year in which the word ‘unprecedented’ was used too many times!

As I reflect on 2020, I also see a year in which God was incredibly faithful, he deepened my dependence on Him and my trust in Him. When I felt I was at the end of my energy, he was there filling me with his peace. 2020 has shown me that the only certainty I have is in God, throughout all the changes, cancellations and losses, God didn’t change, he remained the same faithful and loving God.

As a leadership we recently took time to debrief 2020, sharing with each other the challenges and also where we saw God move. We were encouraged that while the list of challenges was long the times we saw God move was even longer!

What have I learned from 2020 that I will take into 2021?

Relationships are important, first and foremost my relationship with God but also with family and friends. This last year was enriched because of supportive family and friends who journeyed with me.

God’s word was a great comfort and encouragement to me in the challenging times, so in the coming year I want to soak myself even further into His word.

Zoom has been a great tool in connecting with people all around Australia and overseas, I have actually enjoyed greater connection with some of my colleagues than ever before – what a blessing!

How has God been speaking to you in 2020? We would love to hear from you at alt@wec.com.au

2020 will remain in our memories for a long time as the challenging year it was but let’s not forget all that God has done in this last year as well.

Happy New Year!

Jan Boucher

For the Australian Leadership Team