How we work

WEC Australia is made up of 8 teams that are here to achieve our vision:

“To see Christ known, loved, and worshipped by the unreached peoples of the world.”

Our Australian Based Teams

"WEC Australia exists to support and walk with believers and churches in Australia to actively participate in God’s mission to the unreached.” (WEC Australia Mission Statement: 2020)

ALT (Australian Leadership Team)

The Australian Leadership Team leads WEC Australia in achieving its purposes. Working with and across all the various teams to bring focus, synergy and cohesion to all that we do.

Mobilisation Team

The Mobilisation Team is here to come alongside you and your church as you prepare for cross-cultural ministry. We're based in most states of Australia, and are happy to travel to you wherever you are, plus run events like missionary for a weekend all across Australia. We're also always happy to shout you a coffee to hear your story, or to share with you and others on what it means to reach people and plant churches cross-culturally.

Support Services Team

The Support Services Team are the people to contact if you've got questions about sending money to WEC workers, or if you've got any legal/technical questions about our processes.

They do a great, if often unappreciated job, that enables the rest of us to do ours - and
enables Australians to go to the nations.

Member Care Team

The Member Care Team wants to see WEC Australia and sending churches working together to provide effective member care for their missionaries. They are happy to share their expertise what this might mean for you and your church - wherever you are.

CP Team

Our Out Reach Team is working amongst migrant communities in Australia. Our workers seek to the love of Jesus in these communities, giving them the opportunity to give them the good news when previously they may not have had the chance.


Worldview is a college in Tasmania that's a ministry of WEC committed to preparing God’s people to reach the Unreached Peoples of this world. They offer 1-3 year accredited courses to enable this. You don't need to be planning to join WEC to go there - you just need a heart to learn!

CO Team

The CO team (Candidate Orientation) is primarily responsible for the training and preparing of new workers to join WEC, before they leave Australia. For any worker coming into WEC long term there is a requirement to undergo candidate orientation.

Media Team

The media team is here to resource and equip WEC Australia to fulfil this common vision. Through a variety of mediums they create resources to enable people to engage with God's heart for the nations, to provide resources for engaging in prayer for the lost and to enable the the Australian church to connect and engage with WEC through digital media.