Reaching People, Planting Churches
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Mission comes to life at Worldview

Worldview Centre For Intercultural Studies ( is a training centre of WEC International, based in St Leonard's, Tasmania.  On-campus learning was put on hold recently as Worldview students experienced the realities of the mission field on mission trips to various locations around Australia.

“Missions week allows students to put into practice things learnt academically, and evaluate this learning in real-life contexts,” said Worldview’s Marylou Townsend.

“It also gives them the opportunity to explore gifting, experience a team environment and prove God in new situations.”

While the organised evangelistic activities proved valuable learning experiences, students gained equally as much from the everyday aspects of living among the unreached and working in multicultural teams.

Exploring Culture

Members of the Sydney team learnt what it was like to live among cultures where hospitality is an important value, when they were hosted in local homes.

Exploring Church

Students were challenged by their varied experiences of ‘church’ during missions week.

In Sydney, a Worldview team experienced a church where people "belong before they believe".

In St Leonards, Tasmania, a team teaching scripture faced the task of explaining church to children who had never attended.

Exploring Evangelism

Students tried their hand at a variety of different evangelistic activities, often surprised at the results. 

For example, working with a large church in Melbourne, students trained others in a new evangelism technique, which involved approaching people with photographs and asking questions in order to generate a spiritual dialogue.